Best Pregnancy Safe Shoes

Everyone gets excited at the news of a woman getting pregnant. But it’s not only the pregnant woman who gets high with this update. Every family member and other close relatives find many reasons after this to gather and just check the condition of the pregnant woman. And there are some good reasons for that. Expecting a baby is both a joyful and a challenging time, especially for the pregnant woman.

There are so many changes that happen throughout this period that may affect a woman’s confidence level. This happens as pregnancy affects the hormonal levels in the pregnant woman’s body making unusual changes in her physical appearance. Not only that, expecting mothers will also experience a lot of pains — from the back down to the feet. Headaches, nausea, vomiting, will also be a part of the condition, and more. All of these are mostly due to the developing baby inside the mother’s womb.

It could be really difficult at times, especially if you’re the kind of woman who likes going to work or being active all the time. Walking will be troublesome, but there are a few simple changes to your maternity footwear that can help relieve many of these pains. Read on to find out some of the essential tips that will help you choose the best pregnancy shoes while, at the same time, keeping your own sense of fashion.

Invest in Some Good-Quality Maternity Shoes

Pregnancy will cause your body contour to change drastically. You will put on a lot of weight and your center of gravity will also change. These will cause you to have a lot of difficulties when walking. You will actually waddle instead of walk. Pretty sure by now you get the picture. Pregnancy can put a lot of strain on your whole body. Your feet, back, and ankles will be most affected by the weight that you gain, so will really need to find the right footwear to wear throughout your pregnancy.

Changing your heels for one with a pair with a sturdier heel or by wearing flats can help ease the aches that you feel. If you think investing in a new maternity wardrobe is a good thing to do, you should also consider adding a few pairs of pregnancy safe shoes. You can find some fabulous pairs for less so you will still have a few bucks for bigger purchases once you have given birth to your new bundle of joy.

Choose Shoes For Swelling or Swollen Feet

During the third trimester, a pregnant woman would most likely to suffer from swollen ankles and feet. Be prepared and find a couple of pair of high-quality shoes that will ease those swelling feet, perhaps even help relieve them.

Choose a pair of shoes that is a size or two larger to make sure that your feet will have plenty of room. It is also a good idea to buy shoes in the afternoon or evening. By this time your feet will have already become swollen and that will give you a better idea of what size to look for. Bigger-seized footwear will also help lessen the probability of any painful tightness or blisters. Even if they are a bit too big, you can just wear an extra pair of socks to have a better fit. A pair that is in the wider fitting range will just be as fantastic as the bigger sized pairs and they will be a welcome addition to your maternity wardrobe.

Once you found a good fit, try them on and see if you can easily get them on and off your feet. It’s better to have shoes that do not have laces as it will be difficult for you to tie them as you go, especially when your baby bump becomes bigger.

Opt For a Pair Made of Light and Breathable Materials.

A pair with Velcro straps will be much easier to adjust. That means you can wear them throughout your pregnancy. You will also need to find a few pairs that are made of the right material. Remember that your feet can become hot when you are expecting, so you will need to so find lightweight shoes that are made of breathable materials. This will help keep your feet feel a lot comfortable.

Opt For Shoes That Offer Support

As already noted, your whole body will bear more weight while you are pregnant. It is important that you find a few pairs of shoes that will provide ankle and foot arch support. Give some time so you can try out several pairs before deciding which pair to go with.

Comfortable Can Also Mean Fashionable

Pregnancy should not keep you from finding your own personal style. You can actually look fashionable even while keeping your feet comfortable. During the early phase of your pregnancy, you may still wear your pre-pregnancy shoes. Ballerinas and low-heeled shoes will just be fine in keeping your feet comfy and safe.

One thing to remember, though, when looking for the best shoes to wear when you are pregnant, it is best to let go of thoughts of wearing high-heeled shoes. But if you can’t really ditch your heels, find a pair with wider heels as they will provide better support to your feet.

The Best Shoes For Pregnancy

Here are some of your options when it comes to the pair of footwear that you can keep while you are pregnant.

  • Flat ankle boots for colder seasons
  • Canvass shoes
  • Bright lightweight trainers
  • Slip on shoes
  • Mule slippers
  • Flats (loafers, moccasins, ballerinas)
  • Soft boots (for colder months)

So, if you want to have a little more stress-free pregnancy, find the best shoes for pregnancy. Keep this guideline and for sure you will find the best fitting footwear that will give you not only the support and the comfortable wear you need.


Expecting a baby is a wonderful experience and you need to make sure that you take care of yourself well. A few changes to what you are wearing will help soothe the pains that you may experience if you won’t find some good-fitting comfy footwear.